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Revolutionise how data are processed for e-commerce.

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Our Story

We are a team of former data analysts, data engineers, and most of all, some of us have been involved in e-commerce for decades now. We understand the challenges and pain points, as well as the potentials to use the data you have more effectively for your business. That’s why we’re building Daspire, in order to provide the best product for your data need.

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Our Core Values

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Be data driven

We make decisions based on data and insights we get from it, as opposite to historical practice, seniority, the titles of people, or gut feelings.
We care about data accuracy, data security, and data transparency.

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Be customer centric

We are always ready to go above and beyond, to listen to, help, and value our customers.
We thrive in providing a positive experience and building long-term relationships with our customer.

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Be reliable

We do what we say and we deliver as promised. We are dependable, not only for the product and services we provide, but also for how we carefully manage the relationships we develop.

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Be innovative

We are always trying to improve our product and finding ways to address the pain points of our customers. We are continously experimenting in ways that can make our product, processes, and ourselves better.

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Be passionate

We believe people can do good, and better things when they are passinate about something.
We love what we do and we are charged with passion everyday, seeing the value we bring to our customers.

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Be authentic

We stand up for what we believe and we respect when others do the same.
We own our mistakes and we are transparent with them. We acknowledge, locate, and correct errors when they occur, instead of trying to hide them.

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