Send your data from any source to any destination

Give all departments, teams, and team members access to the insights they need in the tools they use. Focus on game-changing insights instead of setting up pipelines.

Daspire data extract and load
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Connect to sources

Connect your data source

Daspire offers 200+ data sources, most of which are e-commerce sites or tools you use everyday for your e-commerce operations.
Simply select your data source, enter the required information, and get it set up in minutes.

Connect your data warehouse

Daspire supports all major data warehouses, database, and data lakes. You can even connect your on-premise data warehouse through an SSH tunnel.

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Data transformation

Create your data connections

You can get a data pipeline running in 3 simple steps. Simply pick a source, pick a destination, and configure it the way your want it. The data gets updated according to your desired schedule.

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