Streamline your e-commerce data & optimise your business

Make effective decisions with data, not just your gut feelings.
Centralising all your product, customer, and marketing data to gain actionable insights at any time.

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Get central access to all your e-commerce data, in order to use the data to your advantages

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Automate your data workflow. Schedule a workflow to run whenever it is needed. Deliver data anywhere, at anytime

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Focus on the insights instead of data pipelines. Empower you to make informed decisions and drive growth

360° Customer View

Let us consolidates customer data into one secure location. Let you focus on discovering the power of unified customer insights.

Daspire Feature
Daspire Feature

Optimised Product Inventory

Discover what products are overstocked and what products are low in stock. Better balanced inventory means improved cash balance, and healthier business.

Informed Pricing Strategy

Compare your prices with those of your competition in real time. Check your price position in the market and make adjustments to make it optimal.

Daspire Feature
Daspire Feature

Improved Business Flow

Get consistent, real-time flow of information to ensure that every part of your business is working cohesively to achieve your business objectives.

Omni Brand Experience

Optimise and synchronise your customer’s experience with your brand across different platforms. Increase customer retention and engagement with your brand.

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